coomuno is the name of the GreenTech company of framdia Group, which is completely dedicated to the vision of chemical-free and CO2-neutral weed control.

With the leading, patented heatweed hot water technology, a first step has already been taken: weed removal without chemicals!

Step 2 is now the electrification of the heatweed machines as well as with fully electric equipment carriers. coomuno is offer an equipment carrier with the name coom1.

Many cities and municipalities, infrastructure providers, service providers and agricultural businesses already swear by the environmental friendliness and efficiency of heatweed solutions.

The machines: heatweed WAVE X and MID

The range includes two heatweed machines, the heatweed WAVE X with a capacity of 17,000 to 35,000 m2/day and the small all-rounder heatweed MID with 2,000 to 3,000 m2/day.

The two machines can be combined with many matching equipment carriers and small trucks, making them mobile.

The all-electric equipment carriers

The heatweed machines need a strong equipment carrier that is multifunctional for customers in year-round use. Currently, these are still diesel-powered vehicles. In this respect, the heatweed WAVE X is adapted to the most important implement carriers.

However, there are more and more powerful all-electric equipment carriers, for example from Rigitrac or Orten or the company’s own coom1.

The communo development department in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is working to advance the electrification of heatweed machines in combination with fully electric small trucks.

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